TGA Staff Spotlight!

SHINES ON ... Sandy Smith, Senior Associate

This month we shine the TGA spotlight on Senior Associate Sandy Smith, whose expertise as a real estate appraiser spans more than 20 years. Before joining TGA, Sandy spent a large part of her career as a senior appraiser at Partners Trust Bank. This provided her first-hand knowledge of the needs and concerns of our appraisal services clients. She specializes in a wide variety of real estate transactional activities including real estate appraisal and value assessments, environmental due diligence and related fields.

Now to the fun part!

In describing Sandy, two things come to mind: She “doesn’t do idle” and she “enjoys life.” Upon hearing of her many pursuits and interests, we think you’ll agree and you may even find it a bit inspiring!

A native New Yorker, Sandy has resided in the town of West Winfield for most of her life. There she is an active community member who not only serves on the town board, but is also president of the Rotary and financial secretary for her church.

One of the reasons Sandy loves life in this close-knit, rural community is that she’s able to pursue so many outdoor activities. As the seasons change, so do her hobbies which, to name a few, include: hunting, gardening, skiing, snowshoeing, kayaking, canoeing and golf. Now into autumn, Sandy can be found biking on country roads while taking in the beauty of her favorite season.

As with many of us, family is her true pride and joy. Sandy has two sons and is a proud grandmother. She is pictured with all six grandchildren who enjoy outdoor adventures with grandma – especially the camping trips! Not to be left out under the “family” heading are her two loveable yellow labs – Rose and Abby.

Sandy is also a devoted volunteer. She has earned the nickname “Sandy Claus” for the annual holiday gift-giving project she leads. What started out as 10 gifts for 10 nursing home residents has grown over the years and now brings happiness and presents to more than 175 people! Sandy, along with 100 family, friends and neighbors, purchases and wraps the gifts on the residents’ wish lists. She says “That these people know someone cares and thinks they’re worthwhile, that makes it all so worth doing.”

Sandy is truly a great example of someone who lives life to the fullest!