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Bo Singh, President

It’s a small world! Especially at TGA where recent hires brought together childhood friends (and rumored mischief makers) from Rochester; along with former college roommates who also shared the football field.

TGA has over twenty consultants and each one continues to amaze me with their talent and expertise. All are true professionals and we’re fortunate to have them.

I’d like introduce our newest staff members to you, starting with Bob Stevenson and Jim Randall, Jr. I've learned these two “hung out” as kids in Rochester, NY and only saw each other occasionally over the last 40 years before being reunited at TGA.

  • Bob, who lives in Tampa, Florida, is our Regional Manager for that state. His focus is on building client relationships in the Sunshine State as well as assisting with a variety of engagements.
  • Jim recently retired from the Department of the Treasuary's Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) after 30 years. He was actually one of the excellent trainers I had during my days with the OCC and I’m happy to be working with him again. Jim will use his expertise to advise clients with regulatory issues and support loan reviews.

In addition, coming on board are Mike Ranieri and Mike Gage. They played football together and were college roommates through their years Hobart and are still good friends today!

  • Mike Ranieri’s vast credit experience makes him an important addition to our staff. He specializes in loan reviews.
  • Mike Gage has extensive agricultural credit experience and is a licensed appraiser. He helps us review appraisals and is our "go to" expert when we have questions on agricultural loans.

"Welcome" to each of these fine professionals, I’m proud to have you join the TGA Team.

Bob Stevenson and Jim Randall, Jr.

Mike Ranieri and Mike Gage

I intend to highlight more of our consultants in future newsletters. As President, I think it’s important for our clients to get to know our staff. We are, in essence, part of your credit and compliance team and want you to rest assured, when you engage TGA, you’re getting the best and most highly qualified individuals in the industry.

Contact us at info@tgschwender-assoc.com for more information.


ABOUT US: T. Gschwender & Associates, Inc. is a diversified consulting company that has been providing services to financial institutions since 1984. Our clients include small community banks and credit unions with less than $100 million in assets to much larger regional institutions with over $5 billion in assets. We like to describe ourselves as a highly sophisticated "Credit Department," able to handle all functions from initial borrower due diligence to collateral liquidation, and everything in between. Our goal is to provide these services in a timely and cost effective manner, allowing our clients to tap into resources they would not otherwise be able to employ internally.