Steve Ambrose Senior Credit Consultant

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Areas of Practice

  • Commercial Banking
  • Loan Review
  • Credit Audit
  • Workout/Collections
  • Loan Policy
  • Appraisal & Environmental
  • Training & Development
  • Project Management
  • Operations
  • Allowance for Loan & Lease Losses (ALLL)


  • B.A./Marietta College, Radio and TV/Broadcast Journalism)
  • Past President/Rochester Chapter of the Bank Administration Institute
  • Five-year Instructor, American Institute of Banking
  • MBA Level Finance/Banking Courses
  • American Bankers Association/Consumer Credit School
  • Risk Management Association/Diagnostic Lending


Senior Credit Consultant, T. Gschwender & Associates, Inc. (Nov 2017 – Present)

As a bank executive with nearly 40 years in the industry Steve brings our clients a broad depth of knowledge and vast expertise in the areas of: commercial banking, loan review, credit audit, workout, collections, appraisals, and environmental-related loan functions.

Senior Vice President/Loan Review/Workout Group Manager, Five Star Bank, Rochester, NY (2004-2017)

Voting member of the Executive Commercial Loan Committee (loans exceeding $2.5MM), was a member of the ALLL Committee and enhanced the commercial reserve program to meet auditor regulatory requirements.  Reported quarterly on activities to the Board of Directors Audit and Risk Oversight Committees.  Managed and trained exempt officer employees; responsible for auditing all commercial relationships (large loan and BBU); ordering and evaluating appraisals and environmental reports; managing commercial relationships of delinquent and defaulted loans in for a $25,000,000 asset portfolio of over 50 clients/ORE.  Managed and sold foreclosed real estate and equipment.  Responsible for advising fellow bank commercial loan officers on the development of terms and conditions and negotiation strategies, asset protection plans, and bankruptcy and litigation risks for criticized loans.

Loan Officer, Midwest, Inc., Fairport, NY (2003)

Responsible for managing 50 real estate loan relationships for clients in five states.  Analyzed real estate loan pools for possible acquisition.  Sourced brokers and sold foreclosed equipment.  Hired lawyers to represent firm in litigation matters.

Vice President/Workout/Collections Manager, The Upstate Bank, Rochester, NY (2002-2003)

Responsible for managing the bank’s $10,000,000 portfolio of 100 criticized/delinquent loan assets primarily comprised of commercial and residential mortgages, and commercial loans.  Reviewed and analyzed the loan/OREO portfolio and reclassified assets; and upgraded and issued individual monthly criticized asset and OREO reports in accordance with OCC stipulations to correct Consent Order deficiencies.  Upgraded the bank’s OREO auditor rating to ”good” from “poor”, and established a consistent collection action program to significantly improve overall delinquency percentages over the past four months.

Vice President/Relationship Manager and Team Leader, JP Morgan Chase & Co., Rochester, NY (1978-2001)

Managed commercial relationships of delinquent and defaulted loans in eight states for a $70,000,000 asset portfolio of clients.  Advised bank officers across NY State on development of negotiation strategies, asset protection plans, bankruptcy and litigation risks for criticized loans.  Improved quality of the bank’s asset portfolio by top dollar sales of assets with highest likelihood of recovery.  Developed numerous deal books documenting real estate projects' cash flow, payment history and collateral value for review by potential buyers of the bank’s discontinued loan portfolios.  Sold and managed $20,000,000 of the bank’s most visible upstate NY foreclosed commercial real estate and equipment which included office buildings, hotels, shopping plazas, apartment buildings, factories, machinery, business equipment, and vacant land.